Resource Investment Decisions

Boston Pacific provides expert advice to state commissions, federal agencies, and private enterprise regarding resource investment decisions.  We have worked across the U.S. in both regulated and deregulated markets and in over 20 countries worldwide.  We help our clients evaluate the costs and benefits of investments in both traditional and new technologies against the backdrop of market and regulatory uncertainty in order to make the best decision for their constituents in terms of price, risk, reliability and environmental goals.

Our work has encompassed a wide range of tasks, including high-level assessments of long-term reliability, practical evaluations of proposed solutions for meeting environmental regulations, evaluating projects proposed as part of a competitive procurement, and due-diligence for project development, acquisitions and project financing.  We assess resource decisions by taking a broad view that accounts for risk and rewards projects that mitigate risk.  We evaluate a project’s economics, financial structuring, technology, contractual arrangements, performance and operational characteristics, permitting, and environmental attributes.

With a multidisciplinary team, Boston Pacific is knowledgeable in the financial, technical, and regulatory issues of project development and commercialization and, accordingly, we provide our clients with a comprehensive risk assessment and appropriate recommendations to mitigate such risks.  We have done so for a range of generation technologies from alternative energy technologies such as onshore and offshore wind, geothermal, solar PV, solar thermal, and waste-to-energy projects, to various fossil energy based technologies such as integrated gasification combined-cycle or “clean coal,” natural gas combined-cycle and simple-cycle projects.