Independent Monitoring for Auctions, RFPs

Boston Pacific has extensive experience as an Independent Monitor for competitive procurements and RFPs.  We have the technical knowledge and policy expertise to ensure a fair and credible result for bidders and ratepayers.  We have worked in many forms of procurement, from simple sealed-bid, pay as bid RFPs to descending-clock auctions to more complex long-term unit contingent RFPs.  We have worked with a variety of products as well, from full requirements default service, to renewable energy credits (RECs), to unit-contingent supply.

We have expertise in all phases of the procurement.  We routinely review the design of competitive procurements to certify that they are fair and will get the best deal for ratepayers in terms of price, risk, and reliability, while meeting policy goals.  We monitor bidder contact and qualification to make sure that all parties are treated equally.  We independently evaluate offers to select the best offers for ratepayers and to ensure a fair result.  We regularly appear before decision makers to explain, in plain English, how the procurement generated the results that it did and make recommendations for improvements.

We serve in many different markets, from traditionally regulated states, like Oregon and Oklahoma, to advanced wholesale markets, like PJM and California.  We have the expertise to properly evaluate a variety of products.  For example, in full requirements procurements we utilize our Benchmark Pricing Model to develop price expectations and evaluate bids.  For unit-contingent procurements we are adept at evaluating many types of proposed technologies including newer technologies, such as offshore wind and clean coal.